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Model 1500 Smoke Curtain

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Model 1500

Smoke Curtain

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  • Clear Opening Sizes

    Up to 12 feet wide

  • Ceiling Height

    Up to 12 feet high

  • Housing dimensions

    Width = custom 72" to 144", height = 7", 7.25" housing + 5.25" battery depth

  • Unit electronic control

    In electrical box mounted inside the housing

  • Emergency power source

    Each unit has a battery that powers the unit for up to ten days

  • Protection from temporary power failures

    Emergency power source takes over if AC power is disrupted

  • Screen retract switch

    Yes, mounted on opposing walls

Model 1500 Smoke Curtain

The M1500 Smoke Curtain provides smoke control for entire buildings by strategically closing off hallways and other spaces that could be a conduit for smoke to spread. The M1500 is lightweight, easy to conceal after installation and available in customized sizes that make it a perfect fit for any space without compromising design to provide adequate fire protection. 


  • Generic Design Details

    #1505, Rev. 14, Posted 4/7/2014

  • Master Format 1995 Edition Specification

    #1504, Rev. 3, Posted 4/7/2014

  • Master Format 2004 Edition Specification

    #1504_04, Rev. 4, Posted 4/7/2014

  • Technical Data Sheet

    #SGSO-6, Rev. 6, Posted 6/11/2015

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Model 1500 Smoke Curtain

Model 1500 Smoke Curtain