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Model 1000 Fire

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Model 1000

Smoke Curtain

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  • System Rating

    The M1000 system complies with the UL 10D standard 120 minute fire endurance rating as well as the 20 minute fire endurance ratings of UL 10B and UL 10C standards.

  • Clear Opening Sizes

    For window openings ≤ 8’ wide by ≤ 8’ tall

Model 1000 Fire

Looking for a protective exterior window separation system? This flexible fire-rated assembly is designed to deploy on a fuseible link and fall by gravity – no power required.


  • Generic Design Details

    #M2105, Rev. 1, Posted 3/14/2017

  • Master Format Specification

    #08 3498, Rev. 1, Posted 7/17/2017

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Model 1000 Fire

Model 1000 Fire