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Fire Protection in Aircraft Hangars: Group I vs. Group II

Friday January 30, 2015

Aircraft hangars pose a unique challenge when it comes to fire protection. Depending on the size of the hangar and the materials used to build the structure, hangars are categorized into one of 4 groups. These 4 groups all have different requirements for fire protection. Groups I & II are mostly similar when it comes to fire protection system requirements. However, they do have a few main differences:

  • Group I hangars require draft curtains to enclose projected floor areas of 7,500 ft2 or less
  • Group I requires 0.17 gpm/ft2 over 15,000 ft2 when closed-head sprinkler systems are chosen
  • Group II requires 0.17 gpm/ft2 over 5,000 ft2 when closed-head sprinkler systems are chosen
  • Water flow duration times are approximately 50% longer for Group I hangar fire suppression systems than those for Group II
  • Group II hangars are not required to implement draft curtains

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